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Law Offices of 

Kathleen M. Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald



Law Offices of Kathleen M. Fitzgerald

With over 33 years of experience in Auto Accident Claims, Workers Compensation, Accidents & Injuries, Slip & Falls, Divorce, Family Matters, Wills & Estates.  Attorney Fitzgerald focuses in each individualized claims.   


Medical Bills - When you are in a car accident, your auto insurance is responsible for your medical expenses.  In the state of Massachusetts, it is mandatory to have PIP coverage, which is Personal Injury Protection. This insurance along with your health insurance will cover all expenses.

Property Damages - Not all vehicles have Property Damage coverage, but, if you were not at fault, we make sure your car is repaired or replaced.

Loss Wages: You are entailed to be reimbursed for the days you missed from work due to motor vehicle accident.

Fast Settlement- It is only fair that you get a settlement for pain and suffering.  You were not at fault in your accident.  It is our job to prove you did nothing wrong and should be compensated for it. 


Last wills and testaments are powerful documents. They give you the ability to distribute your estate to whom you choose, appoint a guardian for your children or yourself, if disabled, and  give your most precious belongings to your family and friends.  But it’s important to keep in mind that a last will is a part of an estate plan, not an entire estate plan.

A comprehensive estate plan contains much more than just your last will and testament.  It should include a power of attorney, a health care proxy, and, if you so choose, trusts for your children, grandchildren, favorite charity, or even a beloved pet.


Injured at work? No fee unless we win. Free consultation. Available 24/7. We Will Travel To You. Millions Recovered. Weekend Appointments. Evening Appointments. No Fee Unless You Win. Our Team Committed to You. Types: Partial Disability Benefits, Total Disability Benefits, Death Benefits.

When you suffer injuries at work, it is your employers responsibility to cover all medical expenses and pay your percentage of your salary.


Divorce, Custody and Family Law. 

Divorce proceedings, Separation agreements, All proceedings and agreements concerning Children, Financial arrangements, Maintenance and Capital payments, Domestic violence injunctions

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